Ashley and Dan Engagement shoot :: a love supreme photography

ashley_and_dan_engagementSOOC_2013-9973 I had the absolute pleasure of meeting one of our 2013 couples for a mini-engagement shoot a couple of weeks ago. Ashley and Dan are the sweetest and gorgeous to boot! They were so fun to photograph. We met at the Damariscotta River Association for the lovely scenery and amazing light. They'll be getting married at the DRA at Round Top in a beautiful barn overlooking fields and apple trees in June! We can't wait!

ashley_and_dan_engagementSOOC_2013-9904 copy


ashley_and_dan_engagementSOOC_2013-9946 copy

ashley_and_dan_engagementSOOC_2013-9947 copy

ashley_and_dan_engagementSOOC_2013-9932 copy

ashley_and_dan_engagementSOOC_2013-9959 copy

ashley_and_dan_engagementSOOC_2013-9992 copy


ashley_and_dan_engagementSOOC_2013-0015 copy

ashley_and_dan_engagementSOOC_2013-0034 copy

ashley_and_dan_engagementSOOC_2013-0052 copy

ashley_and_dan_engagementSOOC_2013-0078 copy


ashley_and_dan_engagementSOOC_2013-0107 copy

ashley_and_dan_engagementSOOC_2013-0133 copy

ashley_and_dan_engagementSOOC_2013-0164 copy


ashley_and_dan_engagementSOOC_2013-0175 copy

ashley_and_dan_engagementSOOC_2013-0190 copy

ashley_and_dan_engagementSOOC_2013-0285 copy


ashley_and_dan_engagementSOOC_2013-0304 copy