Winners of the 2014 Wedding Giveaway!

weddingwinnerssmall We have read through all of the many fabulous entries we've received for the 2014 wedding giveaway and we are happy to announce the winners! Hannah and Paul wrote a love story that literally had us in tears:

"Being with Paul is like having a warm blanket around my shoulders. Being with Paul is like consuming the most decadent dessert on the menu and savouring every bite. Before Paul, I spent so much time alone and with friends, and now I just want to spend every free minute with him. He is my favorite person and my best friend. Our idea of the perfect day is to just be together and to spend as much time in bed as possible. When we are together, the only sound is laughter. I love how similar we are in what makes us laugh and what makes us tick. I love that we eat the same way and enjoy the same things. Our differences attract us to each other even more, like a really good mystery novel pulls a person in. When we are not together, I smell the shirt he wore the day before and try to make time go by faster until I get to be with him again. It sounds like I am obsessed. I sort of am….He serves me like I am his princess, and tells me that I am beautiful nonstop. He is very good to me, and I am very good to him. So, when thinking about marriage, I can only say that I cannot imagine my life without him. I can hardly imagine that I had a life without him before. I think our souls have waited all of this time to collide, and now, I will never let him go. I don't think that we need marriage, but I think it is a beautiful way to celebrate our love with everyone around us, and a way to tell the world what our hearts have said since we found each other. So, wedding or not, I have his back. Wedding or not, I have already committed to him. He already tells everyone that I am his wife, because, I am. Lets make it official!

So, we have talked about our wedding and decided that we would like it to happen June 2014. It will be in a grassy field. The bread and puppet band will play for us, everyone will wear what makes them feel good, there will be picnic blankets, wine, simple food and lots of dancing and laughing in the sun. I am not going to spend too much time planning this thing. I just want it to be a day for us to celebrate comfortably. Truthfully, I don't even want formal invitations. I want to spread the word and allow anyone to come. The right people, who support us and love us will be there! "

So Hannah and Paul…get ready! We are coming to Vermont to photograph your absolutely amazing day and we can't wait!

Thank you to all who entered and we wish you a very fabulous, amazing wedding!